VJI Consulting

Name: VJI Consulting Ltd.
Address: Sídumúli 1, 108 Reykjavík, Iceland
Tel: (+354) 560-5400
Fax: (+354) 560-5410
E-mail: vji[at]vji.is
Web-address: http://www.vji.is
Managing Director:
Magnus Kristbergsson

VJI Consulting a well-known Icelandic consulting firm with a broad spectrum of expertise and experience in the fields of renewable energy, electrical power, communications, electronics, industrial and building engineering, telecommunications - right from conception to commissioning. VJI Consulting also provides business and financial advise.

VJI Consulting operates a ISO 9000 Certified Quality System. Please see Certificate

Our Project Support Division provides services with project analysis and design, project management, financial analysis, project financing, procurement and institutional reform.

Scope of service includes: Project planning, General technical and economic studies, feasibility studies, specification procurement, bid evaluation, contract administration and project management. Plant and systems layout and detail design. Construction supervision, commissioning and acceptance testing.

Furthermore, VJI Consulting provides business and finance consulting please see

VJI Consulting is one of the oldest consultancy companies in Iceland, founded in 1960 and we are members of the Icelandic Association of Consulting Engineers (www.frv.is)

Our Staff:
Our team of experienced professionals consistently demonstrates a commitment to quality and excellence at each stage of every project.

VJI has a core staff of more than 20 people. In addition to that, we have ready access to many more experts on a project basis. This group has diverse experience and background in a wide range of engineering and business-related diciplines.

We have dedicated ourselves to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct in every aspect of the business, and to treat our customers and suppliers alike with respect, honesty and integrity.

Country experience:
Iceland, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Greenland, Jamaica, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, The Baltic Countries, Germany, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Malawi, Norway, Turkey, Germany and Dominica.

Contact information:
Magnus Kristbergsson, Managing Director
Email: magnus[at]vji.is
Telephone: +354 560 5400
Fax: +354 560 5410